Metal Prevents Hearing Loss
Stop the ringing in your ears

Tests performed by the Institute of Noise Hazards Research of the Israeli Army show that oral magnesium intake reduces permanent hearing loss induced by noise. 300 young, healthy, and normal-hearing recruits who underwent 2 months of basic military training were tested. This training necessarily included repeated exposures to high levels of impulse noises while using ear plugs.

Hmm... this sounds a lot like the kind of abuse you can be subjected to nightly on the stage. With a loud ride cymbal close to one ear, your amp next to the other, and vocals monitors right in your face, earplugs barely help. Breaks are just as bad with people screaming to be heard above the music. Then there's that "noise hangover" the next day when you feel totally brainless. Ever had to leave the TV blasting in your motel room so you could drown out the ringing in your ears just to get to sleep? Ever thought the TV was still on after you had turned it off?

Noise has the potential to cause stress reactions. Chronic noise-induced stress accelerates the ageing of the heart and thus increases the risk of heart attack. Recent studies support the importance of noise as a risk factor in circulatory and heart diseases. (we're talking LOUD here.) Noise causes a depletion of magnesium in the body.

Studies show that death rates from coronary heart disease are higher in areas where the water is low in magnesium. Men living in high magnesium water areas had a 35 percent lower chance of death from heart attack than those who drank low magnesium water.

As if it wasn't bad enough the the body's absorpion of magnesium is hampered by alcohol and fatty foods! Excuse me, I need to take some vitamin supplements.

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