Dead AC Supply

Your amp is dead but not blowing fuses:

  • Check to see if there is AC coming from the wall. Plug a lamp or some other piece of gear into the socket to see if theres any juice.

  • On some Fender amps there is an accessory AC plug (praise to Leo). Plug the lamp there to see if it works. If not then probably your AC cord to the amp is defective. If it does, continue:

  • If you own a Marshall or a Hiwatt there are internal fuses. Take a screwdriver and open it up to check inside.

  • Look for missing or broken fuse cap.

  • Change the main amp fuse even if it looks good.

  • Make sure that the pilot light is not simply burnt out. Plug a guitar in and try it. (check speakers first)

  • If you can open the AC plug, inspect the wiring.

  • If the AC cord is detachable try another one.

  • The AC cord often breaks where it joins the amp, lift the cord the cord at this point to see if the AC cord is intermittent

  • The black toggle switches on JMP Marshalls are very unreliable and eventually break down. The amp's power switch may be bad but sometimes can be made to work by flicking it hard. Try it 10 or more times to see what happens. If it comes on then don't turn it off until you get it changed - use a power bar to switch it on and off.

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