"Thanks for fixin' my amps" - Johnny Winter

The original designer of my amp system was Richard Onslow.... Onslow designed the preamp which is like three amps in one: a clear channel, a rhythm channel and a lead channel....

Behind my stack is the power amp rack, which contains three Onslow tube amps....

Frank Marino - Guitar Player magazine Sept. 1983

Living in Montreal in the mid-80's I visited Rick Onslow a couple of times; he showed me the most awsome Marshall mods imaginable. Browsing the web I found his web site: www.rickonslow.com and discovered that he is still very much in business and has honed his art to perfection.

Go check it out for yourselves. If you're living on the American continent you owe it to yourself to let Rick modify your dead Marshall. Why he isn't picked up by Marshall Amplification Plc is beyond me. He is that good.

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PostPosted: Fri Nov 12, 2004 10:23 pm


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