No Overdrive Channel-Switching

Amp stays on Clean channel and will not switch to Overdrive channel

  • Unplug the foot-switch and connect a regular guitar cable to the foot-switch jack.

  • On 3 channel mods that use a stereo foot-switch plugging a mono cable into the stereo jack should cause the amp to switch to the second channel. On 2 channel mods nothing will happen at this stage.

  • Short the tip of the guitar cable to the chassis. 2 channel mods should switch to the overdrive channel and 3 channel mods should switch to Lead mode

  • If the amp seems to switching properly when doing these tests go to the FootSwitchDiagnosis page, if not:

  • Check for loose foot-switch jack, the jack must be tight for a proper ground connection

  • Measure the venue's AC voltage supply, especially with outdoor festivals that use generators

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