Remembering Stevie
When Stevie Ray Vaughan came to town

I just thought I’d share a few personal photos of Stevie Ray that had been given me by some friends. The first shot was taken by Max Summer, an excellent blues guitarist and big SRV fan, in Quebec city at an oudoor summer concert.

Max had turned out for the afternoon sound check in order to catch some of the tunes. Outdoor shows are great because you can hear the music from outside the gates and Stevie Ray would often play the entire show during his sound check. I once saw him in Montreal at an outdoor show at the “La Ronde” amusement park and that’s exactly what he did, played for at least an hour and a half during the afternoon. I still remember being on the rides and hearing “Texas Flood” and “Pride and Joy” playing all around.

So, as Max tells it, he knew some of the technical crew and managed to meet Stevie Ray for an autograph, the one that you see in the first picture. Well, it didn’t just end there. It seems that they got on famously and Stevie hands his guitar to Max and asks him to play a bit so that he can check the sound out in the field.

Luckily Max had a chance to snap the next photograph of Stevie Ray’s guitars. All the famous ones are here, No1, Lenny, Red, Butter Scotch, and Charlie with the Danelectro lip-stick tube pickups used on “Couldn’t Stand the Weather.”

These next two shots were taken by Louis Ranellucci, a huge SRV fan and also an excellent guitarist, from a show at the Montreal Spectrum very early on in Stevie Ray’s career. This was before he switched to playing Strats almost exclusively. At this period Jimmy Vaughan was actually more well known due to his band the Fabulous Thunderbirds and Stevie was just starting to get into the limelight.

After this show Stevie went next door to the “Rising Sun” a small Jazz and Blues Club on the second floor. Andrew Cowan was on stage playing guitar that night, using an old Fender Vibrolux. Stevie came up to play and Andrew told me afterwards that he still had that great tone, even through a single stock amp.

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