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  • Completely original designs

  • 35 years of modding experience

  • Proven reliability

  • Used by top professional musicians

Soloist Mods

My Soloist Mods are designed for the gigging musician and feature quick foot-switchable access to clean and drive channels. The clean sound is tailored to match the EQ settings of the drive channels. No need to go back to the amp to readjust the sound when switching to clean.

With the increasing value of vintage JMP , Plexi , and now JCM800 amps I now offer mods that do not require any additional holes to be drilled in the chassis, no screws, rivets, bolts.... nothing.

Since no holes are drilled these mods can be completely reversed for maximum resale value should the time ever come that you wish to part with your beloved Marshall head!

Hot Rod Soloist

The Hot-Rod is a single channel Drive Mod. By using one preamp gain and one master volume the appearance of the amp remains unchanged. On JMP heads the channel I volume becomes the preamp drive gain and the channel II volume becomes the Master volume.

Low input jack is now the dual foot-switch jack for the Drive-Boost and Fat-Boost.

  • No change of appearance, no holes in chassis, completely reversible

  • Foot-switchable Drive-Boost

  • Foot-switchable Fat-Boost

  • RF noise elimination

Pro Soloist

This double channel mod offers foot-switchable selection between clean and overdrive. It features individual gain and master volume controls for each channel. With JMP heads I install the extra controls in place of the Channel II input jacks and no extra holes need to be drilled in the chassis.

With JCM800 heads the use of Dual-Concentric pots (stereo pots) makes it possible to not drill any chassis holes as well. Drive-Boost and Fat-Boost foot-switchable presets result in a total of 5 available sounds(Clean + 4 OD) RF elimination is included as standard. (foot-switch not included)

  • No holes in chassis, completely reversible

  • Foot-switchable Clean to OD channel

  • Separate Drive and Masters for each chhanel

  • Foot-switchable Drive-Boost

  • Foot-switchable Fat-Boost

  • RF noise elimination

FX Loop

The FX Loop is available as an added option to the Soloist Mods. On the Marshall this requires the installation of an additional 12ax7 tube as well as Send and Return jacks and an additional Send Return volume.

Onslow FX Loop

Modifiable Models

NON Modifiable Models

  • All JMP models: Super Lead, Super Bass, JTM45, JTM50, PA, Bluesbreaker
  • JCM800 Master Volume and Lead models
  • Reissue Plexis JTM45, Reissue Bluesbreaker, Reissue JMP Super Lead,
  • All JCM 900 models; Dual Reverb, Dual Hi-Gain
  • JCM 800 channel switching (2 ch w reverb
  • 25th Anniversary Silver Jubilee, 30th Anniversary 3ch
  • All JCM 2000

Studio Mod :: Jaguar 20


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