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The Studio Mod is intended for stock Jmp 100 watt models or JTM45's and makes it possible to obtain all of the variations of these amps from the early Plexi up to the mid-Sixties Super Lead and Bass Heads. With the use of pull-pots no additional holes need to be drilled in the chassis. There is no change of appearance to your amp, no additional switches or controls.

First I rewire the amp to Plexi spec. Then,

  • Pull Treble for Super Lead Treble EQ

  • Pull Middle for Super Lead mid-boosted EQ

  • Pull Volume I to change Channel I into the brighter Super Lead version

  • Pull Volume II to cut the bass in Channel I as in later Super Lead versions

  • Pull Presence for Super Lead Presence

  • Channels I and II are internally slaved. No need to jumper the channels

Of course it is possible to use any combination of pull-switch setting to achieve settings that were not attainable from stock Marshall models.

Soloist Mod :: Jaguar 20


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