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Traynor Mods

Bassmaster Mark II Marshallizer

The Traynor YBA-1A Mark II is basically a Marshall copy with variants in the EQ and driver stages. It can be converted into a Marshall Super Lead design, although it will have a different sound. The filter caps need to be replaced with larger and better ones, but the Canadian built Hammond transformers are among the best. This makes a great guitar amp.

Ampeg Mods

Rf Elimination for V2, V4, V4B and VT22

These amps are prone to rf pickup which causes all sorts of noise:

  • Loud ground loop humming when the volume is at 5 which is not present when volume is at 0 or 10 (hissing or rushing sound is normal at 10, of course, also keep volume control on the guitar at 0 when testing)
  • Loud buzzing that changes in intensity as you move your lead cord around (the cable between the guitar and the amp)
  • Radio stations clearly heard through the amp
  • Substantial increase in hiss

The V series by Ampeg was designed to include an Rf filter in the input stage of both channels. The placements holes and copper traces are already on the circuit board, but, for some reason (cost?) the components were never installed! This mod makes a big difference in the noise level of the amp.

Master Volume

Ampegs are loud and have lots of gain so installing a Master volume if you are a guitar player is a good idea. This will not alter the amp's original tone.

Fx Loop

Enables the use of line level processors such as delay and reverb. Connecting a volume pedal in the Fx loop will make the pedal act as a Master volume to control the overall output of the amp.

Hiwatt Mods


Connects both channels in series to achieve overdrive. The bright channel becomes the high-gain input and the normal channel remains the same. Only one channel can be used at once. This is the classic "Harry Joyce" wiring and most Hiwatts come this way out of the factory.


Removes Harry Joyce overdrive modification. This makes the amp sound quite clean, somewhat like a Fender, and both the normal and brite channels can be used simultaneously as in a Marshall

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