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Mesa Boogie Modifications

  • Completely original designs

  • 35 years of modding experience

  • Proven reliability

  • Used by top professional musicians

Mesa Boogie Mods

Mesa Boogie MarkI and II's were once the Holy Grail of the amp world. They were constantly evolving in their design and there were many small incremental changes between official models. The MarkIIB and MarkIIC amps had many variations in overdrive and presence circuitry.

Treble Pull-Shift Switching

On early Mark II amps the Treble control can be pulled out to switch in a very noticeable mid-boost. This sounds great for the drive channel but is not so practical for the clean. Realizing this rapidly, Mesa made their later models so that this boost functioned only in the drive channel.

Updating these earlier amps by making the Treble-shift switch on only for the drive channel, you can go a long way towards getting a better clean sound.

Mk I, Mk II Reverb

Installs reverb into early non-reverb Mk I and Mk II Boogies. These amps have circuit boards and chassis that are pre-drilled for the reverb driver tube, and tracks already on the circuit board for the extra components. This mod is not for the SOB (Bon of Boogie)


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