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Vox Modifications

  • Completely original designs

  • 35 years of modding experience

  • Proven reliability

  • Used by top professional musicians

Vox Mods

An old Vox AC30 sounds great as it is and doesn't need a whole lot of modding in the tone department, but, a few enhancements will add greater versatility and help reduce noise.

AC30 Top Boost Input Bridging

By bridging the inputs to all 3 channels together internally, you can use all channels at once. This enables you to get a blend of the vibrato and top boost channels, which acts as an intensity control for the tremolo effect while retaining the edge provided by the EQ channel.

Connecting the inputs internally is preferable to jumping them from the front panel because the low input for each channel is attenuated by resistors and when you use this jack to jumper to the input of the next channel you are losing volume and tone. External jumping is also noisier and more prone to Rf pickup.

Tremolo Speed

The AC30 uses preset tremolo speeds which may not be the ideal ones for everyone. Modding the tremolo circuit will slow things down a bit.

Radio Frequency Elimination

RF interference raises it's ugly head all too often, especially in British amps, and many Vox amps are prone to this problem.

RF Elimination


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